EANS Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016

Whenever you have a destination in mind, it’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to get there.

The following goals and objectives are highlights of a collaborative strategic planning process that included EANS staff and board members during the fall of 2014. This plan is a “living document”, which means that it can and will change over time as we grow as an organization. It is also a starting place for a broader conversation with our members about the role of EANS and how we can best accomplish our mission into the future.

Goal 1: Strengthen links between EANS and health centres

Objective a) Display EANS materials in the waiting rooms of every walk-in clinic, GP’s office, neurologist’s office, and diagnostic site (EEG, etc.) by February 2015.

Objective b) Complete a survey of epilepsy treatment experiences in NS in to determine how EANS can better support persons with epilepsy throughout the treatment process by February 2016.

Goal 2: Expand existing programs beyond HRM

Objective a) Train and activate three EANS Ambassadors representing different NS districts by September 2015.

Goal 3: Reduce the fear and stigma surrounding seizures

Objective a) Hold mini-conference or “learning day” for persons with epilepsy and their supporters by October 2015.

Objective b) Develop a Seizure First Aid training program by August 2015.

Goal 4: Identify and celebrate those living well with epilepsy

Objective a) Complete a storytelling project to gather the experiences of individuals living with epilepsy in Nova Scotia by September 2015.

Objective b) Create a series of life-positive posters featuring persons with epilepsy living well and pursuing their dreams by January 15, 2015.

Want to get involved in helping us to achieve these goals? Contact us at (902) 429-2633 or info@epilepsyns.org.

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