Classroom Education

Offered free to all schools in the Maritimes, Learning About Epilepsy is an engaging, interactive program that gives students the chance to learn about seizures first-hand.

More than fifty percent of people with epilepsy are diagnosed during their childhood years, and without an understanding learning environment, students with epilepsy can experience bullying or fall behind academically.  Approximately 60% of new diagnoses are children and seniors.

Our goal is to ensure that every child can go to school secure in the knowledge that their teachers and classmates are educated about seizures and compassionate towards people with epilepsy.

The Seizure Awareness and Seizure First Aid are age appropriate presentations for all grade levels in schools from Primary to University, an adult presentation for teachers, bus drivers, school staff and lasts approximately 55 minutes. All learn a better understanding of this very common neurological condition, recognizing various types of seizure activity, treatment, triggers, how to help others who experience seizures and aftercare. Discussion of myths and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy, the negative effects of stigma and the impact of inappropriate response when an individual has a seizure, the program will result in all who take it to be better equipped to support those who have epilepsy and a much better understanding of the condition.  These presentations have up to date terms and have been vetted by the QEII Health Science Center and the IWK.

If you are interested in this presentation for your school or classroom, please call (902) 429-2633 or email to arrange a date and time.