Classroom Education

Offered free to Nova Scotian classrooms, Learning About Epilepsy is an engaging, interactive program that gives students the chance to learn about seizures first-hand.

More than fifty percent of people with epilepsy are diagnosed during their childhood years, and without an understanding learning environment, students with epilepsy can experience bullying or fall behind academically.

Our goal is to ensure that every child can go to school secure in the knowledge that their teachers and classmates are educated about seizures and compassionate towards people with epilepsy.

The Learning About Epilepsy presentation is aimed at Grade 5 students and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Students learn what causes seizures, how they are treated, and most importantly, how to help others who experience seizures. By discussing the negative effects of stigma towards individuals with disabilities, the program also fulfils curriculum outcome C5.2: Demonstrate an awareness of the effects of stereotyping and discrimination.

If you are interested in this presentation for your school or classroom, please call (902) 429-2633 or email to arrange a date and time.