Call for Committee Members, Potential Board Members and Volunteers

Call for Committee Members,  Potential Board Members and Volunteers

The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia is always seeking potential candidates for positions on our Board of Directors  as well as new members for our board committees. We are looking for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds who are interested in helping us fulfill our mission of providing education, resources, and support for persons with epilepsy, their families and their communities.  Our Board at present is filled with 9 individuals with diverse backgrounds and take a lot to the table.  Our board is energized, collaborative and when we are finished our meetings we are excited with the accomplishments we have done and what we have yet to do!  Currently we are seeking an individual with an accounting background.


Board members are required to attend a minimum of four board meetings per year (7 meetings per year) and to serve on at least one committee (fundraising, human resources, purple day, education and finance).

Committee members and volunteers are not required to attend board meetings.


We are seeking individuals with an interest in joining our Board:

  • Experience or understanding of the challenges facing persons with epilepsy
  • Availability and willingness to fulfill board member duties
  • Special skills or aptitudes in areas such as accounting, human resources, medical professionals, legal advisory, fundraising, community development, etc.
  • Experience working with a positive and collaborative team approach

 If you are interested in joining the EANS board of directors, serving on an EANS committee, or becoming a volunteer, please email with a copy of your resume and a short statement about why you’ve chosen to become more involved with EANS.

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